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Image by John Price
Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut

North American Hardwoods have been prized for generations for their warmth and beauty for interior and architectural decoration of furniture and cabinetry. In the 20th century the designers and architects around the world chose species such a Cherry, Maple, Red Oak & Walnut, all of which are unique and abundant in the upper Midwest and New England. 

Due to the popularity of these species by some of the top architects we have chosen to use these North American species in our TigerPLY™ Architectural panel catalog. When the beauty of these veneers are paired with the bench mark performance of TigerPLY™ hardwood cores, you have an unmatched blend of strength and beauty. All the logs harvested in North America for the TigerPLY™ Architectural panels are done with strict forest management in a selective harvest. These selective harvest practices guarantee a sustainability in silviculture which will be supplying quality veneers for generations to come.

Small foot print - Due to the process of pealing logs for veneers to be used in the production in plywood, only a small number of the highest quality logs are required to produce many projects, there by conserving these magnificent forests for generations. 

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United States

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