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  • Why TigerPly?
    Because world-class craftsmen deserve world-class plywood. Tigerply was founded on a commitment to developing the world’s best.
  • When was TigerPly founded?
    Our team has spent the last two decades perfecting TigerPly since the brand was founded in 2000.
  • What makes TigerPly “sustainable”?
    TigerPly is produced utilizing fiber from sustainable Concessions and Plantations that have varied growth cycles. Ensuring we do not deplete our planets most valuable resource.
  • Where can I buy TigerPly?
    You can reach out to our regional managers directly or contact our Portland HQ. Our team is always available to assist in finding a distributor near you that carries TigerPly.
  • Can I stain TigerPly?
    Since Plywood is composed of wood veneers that are bonded together by layers of resin, we do not recommend stains that will penetrate the face veneer. We recommend using Non-penetrating finishes such as sanding sealers or topcoats.
  • Can I put stain or glue on a UV’ed product?
    Yes and No. To adhere glue or apply a topcoat you will first need to break the surface coat of that protective UV finish by lightly sanding through to the top layer of finish.
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