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Who We Are

TigerPLY™ is the world’s finest 
plywood, designed and engineered with our planet’s most sustainable resources.

Developing revolutionary products often requires abandoning standard industry practices and starting from scratch. Shelter Forest International’s management team has spent the last decade designing and engineering the processes to build the worlds finest plywood. 


The History

Wood has been used in almost all civilizations, for the construction of shelter, early tools ,fuel for the mastery of fire, whose discovery, (an estimated 120-700k years ago), was a building block in our development. 

Yet until very recently man showed little evidence of concern about preserving wood as a resource, only sustaining our own existence. Over the last 150 years, the Industrial Revolution, major steps forward in technology, and modern medicine have helped cause exponential increase in Earth's population and, in turn, a drain on its most precious resources.

The Future

Made in Africa

Beginning in 2017, Shelter Forest International embarked on its most ambitious project to date, establishing a base of operations in West Africa in order to manufacture marine grade plywood to the world’s most exacting standards. 


Our joint efforts of product development for the North American market affords an array of products, from industrial, lamination and jumbo panels to underlayment and specialized niche offerings. 


SFI has worked diligently in conjunction with government authorities, NGOs, and responsible stakeholders to not only improve sustainability measures within Gabon, but also to boost the country’s global reputation.

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