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TigerPLY™ continues to secure plantation Poplar as  one of our long-term sustainable resources. One of those resources is the ShenSen Forestry Development Company.


It’s probably no accident that change is embedded in the word challenge. Growth is clearly among the most  challenging changes in this or any era. As the population increases, demands rise and industry is constantly retooling to meet the needs of its customers. Along the way we cannot forget the frailty of our resources. We remember that the environment is losing its ability to support and sustain the growing global population, in no small part due to the very needs that this population requires.

Sometimes it seems like there is no solution, and sometimes, a heart-warming story emerges that restores our faith in mankind.

In the development of our TigerPLY family of products we were presented with an opportunity to join a visionary environmental initiative, and we're honored to participate.

TigerPLY’s supply partnership with one of the Original United Nations (UN) Plantation projects in Shandong Province, Northern China. This plantation is one of the key sources of fiber for the production of many of the plywood products we supply to our clientele – some of whom are the leaders in big box retail and others who are major suppliers to the cabinet and furniture industries.


The UN Steps In at Shandong

More than 40 years ago, the UN undertook a plantation project in the Shandong region to achieve stabilization of the shifting sand dunes to  bring normalcy to the region. The positive impact has been immense.

Today, three decades later, the area has a thriving economy. The plantation started by the UN is now FSC certified – a certification that did not even exist when the first trees were planted. The plantation conforms to silvicultural best practices, acknowledged and respected as a model project throughout the world.

A half century ago, the Shandong province faced a bleak future. In fact its very survival was unclear due to the natural calamity it was being subjected to. The UN Plantation Project changed all of that. That is the kind of change we can all embrace. A challenge well met.

By associating with this Plantation today as our supply chain partner, TigerPLY is proud to take this environmental success story forward.

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