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TigerPLY™ Premium Panels

SFI’s work throughout the Indonesian archipelago has yielded some of our most important product developments over the previous year. We have partnered with several major manufacturing entities to bring the  quality, reliability and product versatility of birch our customers have grown to expect with the TigerPly® logo. 

We are in the nascent stages of a major new manufacturing facility that should come on-line in 2023. Until that time, we plan for a robust, high-quality offering of products in 2022. 

Our birch line of products for 2022 will include our new and improved RX® panel, combining the lightweight characteristics of Falcata with the strength of Rubberwood. We will continue to offer a TigerLite® panel for a vast array of lightweight applications.

Shelter Forest has been extraordinarily cautious throughout the archipelago due to recent reports of illegal logging practice and poor environmental practices. What we have found with our species studies is a number of new species abundantly forested in plantations, preforming quite well with crop rotations of 7-15 years.


These species of Falcata (Albizia), Gabon (Anthocephalus Cadamba) & Rubberwood(Hevea Brasiliensis) can transform Indonesia’s decades old practice of old growth Luan harvest to a much more suitable plantation management fiber source. Although this new plantation grown resource does not lend it self the Indonesia’s traditional production of thin panels, It will be an ideal core material for 5.2-18mm panels


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