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Araucaria (Hoop Pine)

A prominent feature of Queensland and the Brisbane suburban skyline, Araucaria is known locally as Hoop Pine due to the unique hoops of bark that grow on the trunk. Interestingly, this timber resource was the first exported product of the 19th century settlements in the area. 

Our recent travels throughout the Araucaria plantations and forests of Queensland highlighted efficient logging operations coupled with the mentioned forest management practices. Afore, Our partnership with Hancock Queensland Plantation (HQP) to introduce this species to the Global market highlights another success story of SFI’s vertically integrated global supply chains. 

As with any project of this scale many obstacles had to be overcome. Joint efforts between SFI and HQP’s on-the-ground operations team as well as the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries helped eliminate many of the barriers encountered in our initial trial period and, over time, have yielded outstanding results which we’ve been proud to share with some of our select customers.

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