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Navigating Global Shipping

SFI's Response to Global Shipping Disruptions

Here at Shelter Forest International (SFI), we are committed to staying informed of global events that may affect our ability to service our customers. SFI has closely monitored global developments in ocean freight, particularly concerning the Panama and Suez Canal. As these canals are crucial lanes for international shipping, any disruptions can significantly impact global freight services, including ours.

One of the immediate challenges we're addressing is a surge in demand due to the Lunar New Year, leading to a notable shortage of containers and available bookings. This unforeseen situation has unfortunately disrupted our initial forecasts for the coming months.

We're experiencing delays in inbound container shipments, ranging from several weeks to months. Furthermore, the GRI (General Rate Increase) we are seeing is comparable to those during the pandemic. This has quickly developed into a situation of tight supply chains and logistical constraints.

Our management team at SFI is proactively addressing these challenges. We are dedicating our efforts to secure and stabilize the supply chain for our program customers throughout the remainder of the first quarter. We understand the importance of reliability and are committed to minimizing disruptions.

We also warmly welcome our new clients who have recently joined us. We aim to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities within these challenging circumstances.

Recognizing the challenges at hand, we are considering measures to regulate weekly deliveries for non-program or new orders. This approach is intended to maintain a balanced supply and delivery schedule over the next few months. We believe this will help us manage the current constraints more effectively while continuing to serve you with the excellence you expect from us.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate these global shipping challenges. Our team is working tirelessly to mitigate these issues and ensure the continuity of our service to you.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or questions. Your partnership and continued support in SFI are invaluable. 


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