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Marine Grade

Our Marine Grade is our highest quality panel with 100% Okoume veneer, waterproof resin, 11ply w/ 1.3mm face thickness built for the most demanding marine applications.

Gabon, Africa - 55lbs

EDGE Core Jumbo and NEW_edited.jpg

One of our highest performing panels.  Designed for HPL applications with high compression plantation grown Poplar, with optional phenolic resins.

China - 68lbs

RX Core - Engineered for performance

Our RX Core is engineered with the best of our TigerLITE™, with Rubberwood crossbands for an exceptionally balanced and versatile panel.

Indonesia - 62lbs


Ultra lite weight panels, Engineered with strength to weight ratios in mind. Machine composed with 2 step calibrated plantation hardwoods.

Indonesia - 42/52lbs


MDF Crossbands on a plantation grown hardwood core. Perfect for UV finish, furniture, cabinet and overlay applications.

Indonesia - 64lbs

#1 Core

13 ply, machine composed Poplar core, with 2 step calibration.

China - 65lbs

#2 Core.jpg
Acacia Hardwood Core

13 ply, Our value panel featuring a scarf jointed and composed, 2 step calibrated Acacia hardwood core.

Vietnam - 70lbs

Elliottis Pine Core

7 ply Ellottis Structural panel, with WBP rated exterior phenolic resin.

Brazil - 65lbs

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