Well managed sharing of information allows for better and more timely decision making in production, distribution, marketing and sales.  Competing in a global economy demands creative solutions using emerging technology.


Through extensive experience in supplying materials, Shelter Forest International has developed a proprietary program to track and manage inventory and order status.  This program was developed for the benefit of our partners, to create visibility in the supply chain and maximize lean production scheduling. Orders placed, shipped, staged in warehousing, invoiced or delayed are all visible in real-time to our partners. The flow and sharing of information allows SFI to support multiple functions of production and time sensitive planning to develop seamless cooperation between suppliers and customers. Improved responsiveness to demand allows SFI to bring profitable, high quality, value added products to market quicker than its competition.

Globalization has changed the way business is done and as a result companies need to become more efficient in managing transportation. Shelter Forest International serves a vital role similar to a traditional 3PL(third party logistics) function. This partnership approach to supply management enables companies to collaborate and trust one another in the sharing of non-competitive information. This has also enabled the growth of the 3PL market because of the ability to effectively manage information in real time. Intermediaries like 3PL’s often have the technology to link requisite data to create a data warehouse and manage the continual flow of information and goods. We have integrated this function into TradeSTAR to provide an industry leading service to our partners.

Virtual Warehousing

The TradeSTAR system allows SFI programs to generate a “Virtual Warehouse” of rolling inventory. Material, tallies and manifests are visible while en-route. This allows production to be more effectively scheduled and actual inventory to be kept in real-time, with delivery dates and visibility of order status in detail down to the unit or SKU.  Working with partners, we are able to schedule manufacturing for over 90 days forward while material is sourced domestically or multimodal from overseas. Distribution customers are able to pre-sell material before it is delivered.